Political PR

What is Election Management ?

Elections are at the heart of the democratic process. Organizing an election, however, is a huge logistical task.  It requires the careful management of complex technology, ballot boxes, people, resources and the communication of information to the public.

Election War Room

During the election campaign period, it is necessary to have political war room for every political party. In this section of the election war room, the experts and the core team decide the strategies for all media campaigns. Basically, there are 3 types of election war rooms-

  • 1. Media monitoring war room
  • 2. Election-day war room
  • 3. Decision-making war room

Besides this, we all provide Online Reputation Management services to look if there is any negative comment about the political party. Our experts delete/remove such content and promote positive content and manage your reputation online.

Live Broadcasting

In the past decades, the only way to get live political news was by watching television. Today, however, live streaming politics (along with social networks, like Twitter and Facebook) are changing the game.

Politicians and political parties are going the digital route and following these trends. They are embracing online video to reach a younger generation of voters. Live videos are a cost-effective way to meet open meeting requirements and increase civic engagement.

Twitter Live

Today, politics is playing out online. Between Twitter, live streaming, and 24/7 news coverage, the internet is the place we go to stay informed about the political happenings.

Facebook/YouTube Live

Today Live Stream Political Rallies, Speeches, and Meetings is an ideal solution for politics. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook allow anyone with a smartphone and a data connection to live stream. Our digital team creates live videos and shares with the potential voters.

Political Survey & Research

Nowadays, electoral battles are not only fought with development and politics alone but with a statistical analysis of voting trends and deep understanding of constituencies. At Sakshar Media, we believe a detailed political research and survey are one of the fundamental building blocks of the campaigning process. Before the campaign starts, our dedicated team of research professionals will help you in collecting data and conducting research that will shape your political decision precisely.

Why Choose Us?

  • Booth Level Research
  • Conducting Opinion Poll to collect vital information and data
  • Door-to-Door Poll Analysis by Survey Executives
  • Study of Samples
  • Booth Level Consistency Profiling
  • Telephonic Survey
  • 20+ years of expertise in election research and survey
  • 500+ survey executives across Pan India